Waterloo Sunset – The Very Best of The Kinks & Ray Davies
Release date: 13th August
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One of the most iconic and influential British bands of all-time, The Kinks release ‘Waterloo Sunset: The Very Best of The Kinks & Ray Davies’ – a must-have 2-disc retrospective – August 13th on Universal.
Disc One serves as a career A-Z, a handpicked selection of The Kinks’ 14 top ten chart smashes and best-loved classics, including ‘Days’, ‘Dead End Street’, ‘Till The End of the Day’, ‘David Watts’ (famously covered by The Jam in 1978) and many more.

Disc Two is a 21-track amalgamation of bons mots and miniature missives to the capital; some of the very best songs about London ever written and forever engraved on our public consciousness.
Carrying the torch for London town – the inspiration behind the Carnaby-Street-lampooning ‘Dedicated Follower Of Fashion’, ‘Muswell Hillbilly’ and that glorious paean to the Big Smoke’s post-war dancehall culture ‘Come Dancing’– this second disc gets to grips with Ray Davies’ enduring love for his city for the first time in a career spanning six decades of music.

From the very instant ‘You Really Got Me’ roared to Number 1 in 1964 The Kinks – along with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who – came to define a generation and confirm Britain as the rock ‘n’ roll centre of the world.With incomparable frontman Ray Davies at the helm, and brother Dave on lead guitar, classic after classic followed ‘You Really Got Me’ into the charts, from ‘All Day And All Of The Night’ – which, along with its predecessor, is credited with inventing heavy metal – to the risqué ‘Lola’, the pastoral ‘Tired Of Waiting’ and ‘Sunny Afternoon’ a chart topper the last time England won the World Cup in 1966.

Their 1967 smash hit ‘Waterloo Sunset’ is widely considered to be one of the greatest singles ever released – with Pete Townsend, Blur’s Damon Albarn and Paul Weller citing it as one of their everlasting favourites.
The influence of The Kinks on generations of British music makers is incalculable, from glam rockers such as David Bowie, Mott The Hoople and Marc Bolan, to the new wave of Ian Dury, Madness and The Jam, to recent acts like Blur, Oasis, Mumford & Sons and Supergrass.

Waterloo Sunset – The Very Best of The Kinks & Ray Davies Tracklist

Disc One

1. ‘Waterloo Sunset’ / The Kinks
2. ‘You Really Got Me’ / The Kinks
3. ‘Tired Of Waiting’ / The Kinks
4. ‘Sunny Afternoon’ / The Kinks
5. ‘All Of The Day and All Of The Night’ / The Kinks
6. ‘Till The End Of The Day’ / The Kinks
7. ‘Autumn Almanac’ / The Kinks
8. ‘Days’/ The Kinks
9. ‘Lola’ / The Kinks
10. ‘Set Me Free’ / The Kinks
11. ‘See My Friends’ (Choral Version) / Ray Davies & The Crouch End Festival Chorus
12. ‘Death of a Clown’ / The Kinks
13. ‘Apeman’ / The Kinks
14. ‘Dead End Street’ / The Kinks
15. ‘This Time Tomorrow’ / The Kinks
16. ‘Strangers’ / The Kinks
17. ‘You Don’t Know My Name’ / The Kinks
18. ‘Wonderboy’ / The Kinks
19. ‘Plasticman’ / The Kinks
20. ‘Supersonic Rocket Ship’ / The Kinks
21. ‘Better Things’ / The Kinks
22. ‘Don't Forget To Dance’ / The Kinks
23. ‘David Watts’ (Live Version from ‘One For The Road’) / The Kinks

Disc Two

1. ‘Dedicated Follower Of Fashion’ / The Kinks
2. ‘Come Dancing’ / The Kinks
3. ‘Where Have All The Good Times Gone’ (Live Version from ‘One For The Road’) / The Kinks
4. ‘Victoria’ (Live Version from ‘One For The Road’) / The Kinks
5. ‘Big Black Smoke’ / The Kinks
6. ‘Yours Truly Confused N10’/ Ray Davies
7. ‘Working Mans Café’ / Ray Davies
8. ‘London Song’/ Ray Davies
9. ‘Fortis Green’ / Dave Davies
10. ‘Postcards From London’ (Choral Version) / Ray Davies & Chrissie Hynde & The Crouch End Festival Chorus
11. ‘Muswell Hillbilly’ / The Kinks
12. ‘Denmark Street’ / The Kinks
13. ‘Berkley Mews’ / The Kinks
14. ‘Holloway Jail’ / The Kinks
15. ‘Lavender Hill’ / The Kinks
16. ‘Willsden Green’ / The Kinks
17. ‘Life On The Road’ / The Kinks
18. ‘End Of The Season’ / The Kinks
19. ‘Next Door Neighbour’ / Ray Davies
20. ‘Did Ya’ / The Kinks
21. ‘Most Exclusive Residence’ / The Kinks
22. ‘Waterloo Sunset’ (Choral Version) / Ray Davies & The Crouch End Festival Chorus