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The Kinks influence is seen across a wide range of rock from acts like The Who, Bruce Springsteen, The Jam, The Pretenders, Tom Petty, XTC and Elvis Costello – whom have all paid homage to the Kinks at some point in covers or accolades.

The Kinks helped kick off a power pop movement in the US led by bands like Big Star and the Knack and were seen as the primary influence on heavy metal with bands like Van Halen, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Metallica covering them or citing them as the reason why they formed a band. Their later influence was cited by the Britpop groups such as Oasis, Blur and Pulp and can be seen today in bands like the Kooks, Wilco, Yo La Tengo and Spoon whom have all covered them.

Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend, guitarist with The Kinks’ contemporaries The Who, was particularly influenced by the group’s sound: “Dave was a real innovator and Ray was a gobsmaking genius…I hope desperatly they work together again”

Paloma Faith

“Working with Ray taught me that being fresh is not about being current. The kinks are too cool for school, even today. This is why all the new young bands admire and respect them.”


(on working with Ray for his 2010 album ‘See My Friends’) “We had a blast hanging out with a real legend…”

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Website

“Ray Davies is almost indisputably rock’s most literate, witty and insightful songwriter.”

Dave Davies

“Working with the Kinks, there always seemed to be some kind of automatic process at work. Ray and I had this telepathy happening for a long time, where one of us always knew what the other could do with something.”

Amy Macdonald

“I’ve just recorded an amazing track with Ray Davies from The Kinks. He is one of the most powerful songwriters there’s ever been and has had so many hits, so to work with him was amazing for me. I’d be hard-pressed to beat that.”

Paul Weller

“One of the greatest groups of the 60s and Ray Davies is an unparalleled genius of a writer. No one else could match their changes and they remain such a massive influence on me. They are a constant in my life and work.”

Little Steven from the E Street Band

“Their first three singles completely killed me”

Marky Ramone

“You Really Got Me, that was to me the first punk rock guitar sound”

Ozzy Osbourne

“I played it, played it and played it (You Really Got Me) I couldn’t stop playing it”

Iggy Pop

“The Kinks came out when I was in high school, I just went crazy”

Graham Nash (Hollies, CSNY)

“They are everything rock and roll should be”

David Coverdale (Deep Purple/Whitesnake)

“The Kinks I still love to this day, it’s great rock and roll – a great British band”

Damon Albarn (Blur/Gorillaz)

“I thought the songs were fantastic…the Stones were pornographic and The Kinks were geographic”

Suggs (Madness)

“If you have any real passion for British pop music you can’t not have been influenced by the Kinks”

Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand)

“The Kinks have to be right up there at the top”

Neko Case

“Ray Davies has this amazing quality that Roger Miller and Carolyn Mark have, where the song is sad and moving along and killing you. Then they say something that sounds like it should be almost comic-like “she ran around the house with her curlers on” and it sends you over the edge and breaks your heart. It feels so good and so humbling”

Black Francis [The Pixies]

“I’ve never copied Ray Davies or the Kinks, but time and time again I hear back one of my own songs and I do declare, hot damn, there it is AGAIN, the unmistakable imprint of Kinks; the result of having listened to The Kinks Kronikles on a daily basis from about age 14 to age 18. There are more fabulous songs not included on that precious compilation, but those 28 songs are thumping away gently in my soft brain forever. They will never go away. I am a proud servant of them.”